GAANN Ph.D. Fellowships Available for Data Science at WPI


Data Science

Are you a U.S. citizen? Do you want to earn a Ph.D. in Data-Driven Research?

WPI is pleased to announce that Professor Elke Rundensteiner, Ph.D., Director of Data Science, is the recipient of a GAANN Grant from the U.S. Department of Education for Ph.D. students to pursue their studies and research in data-driven computing.

The grant provides support for U.S. citizens, with financial need, who are pursuing  Ph.D. degrees at WPI  in subjects deemed 'areas of national need.'The grant focusses on research advances in big data analytics, large-scale data management and visual data mining.

These fields of data research have an impact on sensor-driven smart communities, on improving mobility and sustainability, and on fundamentally changing how we learn. It also impacts health analytics with the aim to support wellness, and social media analytics to provide citizens a global voice.

Find more information on the GAANN Grant here