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Gompei's Goat Cheese June Newsletter

May 31, 2021


Happy June, Goat Cheese Enthusiasts!

For us students, the month of June is a great relief. We finally get a chance to relax after a year of hard work, and are able to experience new and great things. Some of us will be working summer internships, others may be furthering their education taking summer classes, but we're all making the most of what we can. At GGC, we use the summer break to come up with new and great ideas for the fall. You can help us out by filling out this quick survey to help gauge interest in potential product offerings!


A GGC Update: Senior Spotlight

GGC Seniors left to right: Jameel Gammal, Rachael Mair, Nathan Walzer.


We would like to take a moment to highlight all our Seniors who not only worked hard at WPI, but have also been crucial to the growth and success of Gompei’s Goat Cheese.

First up: Jameel Gammal, CIO/CEO. Jameel’s passions include mixology, ultimate frisbee and DJing. He will be graduating with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and dual minoring in business and entrepreneurship.

 For his MQP, He advised a biomedical company under a NDA on the development of a temperature-controlled thermal package utilizing heating and cooling elements to maintain their product at storage temperature conditions of 20-23°C for up to 100 hours. Jameel will be starting as a Transformation Associate at Grant Thornton. 

Next up: Rachael Mair, CMO. Rachael will be graduating with a BS in Industrial Engineering and her MS in Management. For her MQP, she analyzed the budget and process for on campus menstrual product distribution to provide recommendations for free product alternatives that would save WPI money with minimal impact on the process. WPI now offers free products through Citron Hygiene. She is going to be a Project Engineer at Whiting Turner Construction.

Last, but certainly not least: Nathan Walzer, COO. Nathan will be graduating with a BS in Computer Science. For his MQP, he created a prototype web application that allowed LGBT+ people to locate LGBT-related resources within Massachusetts. Nathan will be working at MITRE for a few years as a Cybersecurity Engineer before trying his hand at ethical hacking.

Thank you to our seniors - we all appreciate everything you’ve done for the company. We know you will do great things in your future!


Recipe Spotlight

Get a taste of the world with a new recipe straight from Denmark. Our cheese directly supports scholarships that help students study and experience the culture in amazing places like this! It’s great cheese… For a great cause.


Did you see those adorable chef Lil Gomps in that recipe?! You can find them and many other cute designs on our Redbubble by clicking the button below! Another awesome way to support WPI students… If you have any questions or special requests, feel free to email our marketing team at


Enjoy June - see you in July!

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