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GPS Poster Day Winners

Congratulations to the 2017 Great Problems Seminars Poster Day winners! This Fall, more than 250 students participated in the intense, two-term program. Their work was highlighted at poster day on December 12, 2017. Thank you to faculty, staff, and judges who helped our first year students complete this course and helped make the poster day event a success!



Class Winners  


Poster # Title and Students 

Improved Irrigation for Jordan's Farms

Rishi Gupta, Amelia Papi, Derek Byrne, Nicky Kring

The World's Water

Bringing Back Bats: Management Systems for White Nose Syndrome

Kathleen Donovan, Samantha Grillo, Cameron LeBlanc, Elijah Levi

Extinction: Who Will Survive

Speaking to Success

Emily Baker, Matthew Bisson, Scott Rementer

Ignorance is Not Bliss: Can Schools & Teaching Help?

Fighting Ignorance: Freshmen Malnutrition

Lokesh Gangaramaney, Manon Miller, Despina Tomboulides

Food Sustainability

Are You the One? Familial Hypercholesterolemia in Worcester, MA

Camryn Berry, Shanna Bonanno, Michelle Fleming, Deborah Fontanez, Talia Vaughn

Heal the World

Pedestrian and Environmentally Focused Infrastructure

Kyle Coleman, Aidan Mayer, Kelley Townley, Kristophe Zephyrin

Livable Cities

Angolan Housing Design for Congolese Refugees

Alisha Anderson, Sophie Antoniou, Abigail O'Sullivan, Hannah Schulz

Designing Process: Living on the Edge
People's Choice    

The Protection Page Plan

Maeghan Desmarais, Kayla Krom, Patrick Macaulay, Lara Padir, Charlotte White

Heal the World