GPS Poster Day Winners


Great Problems Seminar

This year’s poster day featured 58 posters from six different classes and was attended by a large crowd of students, judges, parents, faculty, and staff. Below are the winners from each class as well as the People’s Choice.

GPS Poster Day 2019 Winners


Poster #

Poster and Authors



Liquobot: An autonomous solution to underwater microplastics

Noelle Crump, Patrick Mejia, Devin Coonradt, Katrina Marsden, Maya Angeles, Tyler Sanderville

Recover, Reuse, Recycle


Impacts of Eastern Equine Encephalitis at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Delaney Cox, Mara DeCesare, Morgan Hughes, Lily Kinne, Jane Spear

Biosphere, Atmosphere, Human Fear


Engineering a Composting Community

Asha Karmen-Chan, Michael Sposato, Luke Reid, Everett Wonson, Noah Skinner

Biosphere, Atmosphere, Human Fear


Alleviating Food Deserts in Atlanta, Georgia

Evan Muller, Hannah Frieden, Holly Mason, Sophia Calandrello, Olivia Scola

Livable Cities


Diving Deeper into Coral Bleaching

Allyson Floria, Matthew Liliedahl, Molly Sunray, Shelby Tweedie

Extinction:  Who will survive?


Flag on the Play: Using technology to tackle self reporting of concussions in collegiate football

Anne Cater, Benjamin Schmit, Frank Kennedy, Samantha Havel

Heal the World


Proposal for Redesign of Maicao, Colombia Migration Center

Hailey Anderson, Payton Dean, Holly Hazelton, Lauryn Whiteside

Shelter the World

People's Choice



Superbugs: The silent killer, new methods to fight resistant bacteria

Vanessa Bussiere, Jake Mercier, Araceli Baeza Gonzalez, Olivia Wallace

Heal the World