According to the website biologyonline, the definition of an organism is a living thing that has an organized structure, can react to stimuli, reproduce, grow and adapt.  In the life of the Housing & Residential Experience Center, Housing Selection is a living, breathing organism; it is constantly growing and adapting as a result of different stimuli. As the Housing & Residential Experience Center staff, we are introspective in the manner that we consistently examine our own processes to see how we can improve. 

This year we looked to many different facets of our WPI community for feedback regarding the housing selection process, including students, families, staff, as well as the Mental Health Taskforce (MHT) and Student Government Association (SGA). We gathered information to reformat our process. We wanted the process to be less stress-inducing, especially for those who are going through it for the first time. To that end, the Advanced Placement option for rising sophomores was established. Each class year will have first choice at a different residential area, making selection more equitable.  

As part of our commitment to students’ mental wellbeing, we are taking steps to reduce anxiety around the housing selection process:  

  • All information is posted on the the Housing & Residential Experience Center WEBSITE in detail.  

  • We are continuing with informational sessions and roommate meet and greet sessions. The link to these sessions is at our website in the bullet above.  

  • Informational sessions are scheduled at different times and locations to reach more students.  

  • Meet and greet sessions have both in-person and virtual options available.  

  • Informational videos have been modified into smaller chunks to make it more personalized and the application and process more user-friendly, also posted on our website linked above.  

  • Our staff is hosting a webinar for families to help alleviate concerns by answering questions directly on February 21, 2023, from 7:00-8:00pm EST. This will also be recorded for those who can’t attend that evening.  

In the Housing & Residential Experience Center, we are here to foster the growth of our students.  We strive to help them to become personally and socially responsible community members and independent decision-makers by providing them with the tools they need to succeed.  We value their input and see them as more than just students; they are the voices of change. We are thankful to have families who partner with us to help our students navigate our processes and we encourage you to direct your student to the Housing & Residential Experience Center with any questions so we can help steer them in the right direction.  

the Housing & Residential Experience Center would like to invite you to a Returning Student Housing Selection Parent Webinar on February 21st @ 7pm EST. We look forward to seeing you then!