IGERT fellow Josh Gershlak acts as Rapporteur at National Academies meeting

IGERT Fellow Joshua Gershlak recently acted as rapporteur at the National Academies meeting on November 7, 2016. The meeting was the semi-annual roundtable meeting on Biomedical Engineering Materials and Applications (BEMA), where the roundtable was focused on biofabrication. Speakers included leaders in the field of biofabrication in academia, industry, and government. During the meeting, Gershlak took and later presented notes on all the speakers’ talks. Gershlak was applauded for his dutiful note-taking, ability to concisely summarize all the talks, and his analysis on the overarching themes from the meeting.  He represented the WPI IGERT program when dealing with the leaders of the field.  Josh studies biomedical engineering in the Gaudette Lab where he works on decellularization of different plant species in order to develop new, pre-vascularized, sustainable scaffolds for tissue engineering.