IGERT fellow Megan Chrobak interns at Boston Scientific

Megan Chrobak recently completed an internship at Boston Scientific and found that the position afforded a unique perspective while working through her PhD.

Megan worked with the Corporate Research team, whose focus is on “white space” research. This research requires the team to understand up and coming technologies, and provides them with an influential role in driving the company’s direction forward. This group works on a wide variety of project types, in numerous areas of focus. It is a small team with a heavy focus on innovation. As an IGERT student whose classes focused heavily on innovation, Megan found it incredibly helpful to see the concepts discussed in the classroom utilized in a company setting. While interning Megan had the opportunity to work on multiple project teams, and met many great people within the company. Beyond that, she had the opportunity to further develop her presentation skills, communication skills, writing abilities and networking skills. Megan found the internship an incredibly valuable experience and is grateful for this opportunity provided by the IGERT fellowship.

Megan would highly recommend any PhD student take advantage of the opportunity to intern while working towards their degree; especially at a great company like Boston Scientific!