IMGD graduate student, Jezz Lucena, has been chosen to show his game,In a Haystack, at the 2016 Different Games Conference in Brooklyn, NY. His game will be displayed in the Arcade Section, on April 8th, from 5pm – 9pm.  

In a Haystack is an episodic video game series about social justice and discrimination in American society.  Each episode tells the story of a different character struggling with the disadvantages and enjoying the perks of being who they are. Each character, puzzle and game mechanic is based upon real people's stories, gathered through an inspirational anonymous online survey virally distributed through social media. In this first episode, a black girl who just graduated from computer science has to face her fears of failure and isolation while going to work on her first job at Plain White Corporation, an IT company where she is the only female programmer. This thought-provoking video game flirts with the concepts of social experiment and art installation to serve as a statement of what it is to be underneath the skin of someone real, who deals with Discrimination and Privileges.    

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