Inaugural Business Week


The Business School


Last week was our Inaugural Business Week and we are overflowing with gratitude. We are still soaking in the realization that this community has so many brilliant champions, so much love for our students, and so much passion for the work we are doing to prepare the next generation of STEM business leaders.

To start, we want to thank our alumni community that joined us to mentor students, to share stories, to share their expertise and insight, and to connect our students with career opportunities. A thousand thank yous to this legendary WPI cast Dr. Lauren Baker, Dipal Bhatia, John Biagioni, Curt Carlson, Ph.D., Mark Carroll, Clarissa Casilla, David C., Zulean Cruz-Diaz, Janina DeMasi, John DeMasi, John DeVries, Michael Ferro, Mike Fillion, Pete Hamill, Sebastian Hamori, Jeb Ledell, Lucas Mancinelli, Suzanne Opalka, Fernando Perez, Naomi Phillips, Zach Rellstab, Lazarus Vekiarides & Jason Zee. It is because of your generosity that this week was a success.

We want to thank our friends and subject matter experts Nitin Agrawal, Danielle Ferguson-Macklin MPA, Colleen Hayes, MBA, Dr. Sepideh Kaffash, Dr Dishan Kamdar, Dr. Erkin Otles, Kalyan Ramji, and Dr. Tomaz Sedej for coming in and sharing their knowledge with us. With friends like you there isn't anything we can't do.

And we are grateful for partners Accenture, Affordable Interior Systems, CVS Health, GE Aerospace, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Teradyne, The Hanover Insurance Group, RTX, SharkNinja, and Unibank for joining us on campus to network with our Business School students about career opportunities. 

If the world didn't know WPI students are thriving at the intersection of STEM and business, they know now and it's because of you.