An Introduction to The Global School


The Global School

Global starts local, always, and here, it’s no different. WPI is launching The Global School later in 2020, which will take everything WPI is already known for and build upon it as we face increasingly urgent global grand challenges such as climate change, poverty, income inequality, and more. Through this new school, we’ll make an even greater impact in the world—but how does that affect you and future WPI students, undergraduate and graduate alike?

You already know how much you, as a budding STEM professional, and the project work you’ve done at 50+ project centers, impacts communities locally and around the world, and with The Global School, that’s just the beginning.

Looking ahead, WPI undergraduate and graduate students will have opportunities for meaningful global learning experiences in programs like international development; global studies; economic sciences; science, technology, and policy; and environment and sustainability. Through The Global School, WPI will also develop hubs around the world where you, your professors, and WPI staff will collaborate on learning, research, and project work with fellow academics, governments, NGOs, and members of the local community.

 Most important, you and your fellow WPI students will be that much closer to better understanding and making an impact in the world through new kinds of jobs in areas ranging from policy development, data analytics, and management to infrastructure engineering, design, and construction. All in all, it’s about helping you and your peers dig deep into your passions while making more connections locally and globally.

We’ve begun the search for The Global School’s inaugural Dean, and you can read more about the School and its goals here. We’re excited to see what’s to come—and to hear what you have to say about it.