Joel Brattin Contributions


Humanities & Arts

Joel Brattin's contributions are acknowledged by Steve Rodham in his guidebook “Jimi Hendrix in London” (Warrington, Cheshire: Jimpress, 2016). In addition, Joel’s work has received the following reviews:

“Dickens and Massachusetts” book was reviewed by Michael Slaterin the June “Dickensian,” and by Nathalie VanFasse in the June “Dickens Quarterly;” his essay "Three Revolutions: Alternate Routes to Social Change in “Bleak House,” in the book “Charles Dickens as an Agent of Change,” was reviewed by Jeremy Clarke in “The Dickensian.”

Joel Brattin presented the opening paper, “Adapting Dickens’s Works for Staged Readings: Challenges and Opportunities," at the 21st Annual Dickens Society Symposium, in Reykjavik, Iceland.  He served as session chair for the final session, devoted to Dickens's novel “Little Dorrit,” at the same symposium.

Joel Brattin has published several pieces in “Jimpress” 108 (Autumn 2016): a featured review of the new DVD “Electric Church/Atlanta Pop Festival” (pp. 4-12), an article “The Interviews in Electric Church: A Listing and Index” (pp. 13-21), and notes on “Jimi Hendrix at the Marquee Club” (p. 42), “Even in the Cartoons” (p. 46), and Jeffery Deaver’s “Solitude Creek”: Jimi Hendrix (and Bob Dylan?) at the Monterey Pop Festival” (p. 89).