Marketing Communications

In a bid to enhance accessibility and convenience, we've made it possible for you to now listen to news stories generated by the Division of Marketing Communications. This new feature lets you listen to stories posted online, making it easier to consume the latest updates and developments from WPI.  

The audio feature—developed to facilitate a more engaging and inclusive news consumption experience for all—will be available for most articles published on the WPI Today page (News and Events), allowing visitors to access news stories on their computers, smartphones, or other devices. The feature is powered by PlayHT, which creates realistic Text to Speech (TTS) using an AI voice generator. 

Even though AI has advanced quite a bit, the audio generator is still learning and may trip on some complex words or names. Please let us know if you hear something that’s not quite right so we can continue to perfect the system. 

We encourage you to explore this new audio option and stay connected with the latest news and updates from across campus. And let us know what you think at