The Business School

At The Business School, we are grateful for all our faculty and staff members who give of themselves to serve our WPI community. They avail themselves daily, which has been a great gift, particularly during the continuing COVID-19 pandemic and the stresses that confront our students. While we celebrate our faculty and staff for their service, we acknowledge those whose longevity has left an indelible mark on WPI and our school.

Please congratulate the Business School’s 2021 Long Service Awardees!

Statia Canning, Assistant Director, Business Programs

Statia is involved will all aspects of advising, counseling, and event planning and execution for current and prospective Business School graduate students. Statia’s first role at WPI was in Human Resources, but she later transferred to the Department of Management. After roles in Mechanical Engineering, supporting Project Presentation Day, and Fire Protection Engineering, supporting grants, Statia applied for an opening in the Business School. Fifteen years later, Statia credits her numerous roles for her successful at WPI. She also helps our students to be successful as well. Her hands-on support for our student is one of the reasons why Statia makes a difference in the Business School.

Adrienne Hall-Phillips, Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Programs.

Adrienne came to WPI because she wanted to be at an institution that offered a balanced focus on teaching and research. An undergraduate Chemical Engineering major who joined Johnson & Johnson as a Product Developer, Adrienne earned both her Master’s and PhD degrees in Consumer Behavior. She takes pride in the fact that she is an engineer who understands people and what they want. Because of her love for undergraduate students, Adrienne loves serving as Director of Undergraduate programs. She says, “What we do in management is about body language and engagement,” and students are absolutely engaged by “Professor HP.” Adrienne is also a leader and role model for black female faculty as the only black faculty member in the Business School. Celebrating 10 years at WPI, she is a resource who helps students and faculty, especially faculty of color, be successful.

Andy Trapp, Associate Professor of Operations and Industrial Engineering

Andy joined WPI in 2011 with a research focus on using predictive and prescriptive analytics and algorithms to effectively allocate scarce resources. Andy’s work leverages science and technology to assist real human needs by improving systems that serve vulnerable peoples, such as refugees and asylum seekers, survivors of human trafficking, and children in the foster care system. Working with Data Science PhD student Narges Ahani and other colleagues, Andy helped develop a software tool that recommends data-driven, optimized matches between refugees and local affiliates called Annie, named after Annie Moore, the first immigrant on record at Ellis Island, NY. As Worcester prepares to receive refugees from Afghanistan, Andy’s work and expertise will be instrumental in facilitating resettlement success.

Bengisu Tulu, Professor of Management Information Systems

Celebrating 15 years at WPI, Bengisu is a scholar who leverages information systems and technology in support of healthcare delivery to ensure that all have access to affordable, high-quality care. She is also an engaging teacher who innovates in the classroom to provide her students with a learning environment that features real-world examples and embodies theory and practice. Bengisu’s research has led to significant developments that improve health outcomes including the Lifeline4moms app that assesses perinatal depression in women and Sugar, a phone app that uses a helps diabetic patients share smartphone camera images with doctors to assess the status of foot ulcers. Bengisu was promoted to Professor in March 2021.

Lorelle Tross, Administrative Assistant

Lorelle serves the Business School as office receptionist and one of the first points of contact for our students. She joined WPI 25 years ago and quickly acknowledges, “I love WPI.” Lorelle joined the Department of Management under Mac Banks and in her long tenure, she has served as an enduring presence on the second floor of Washburn Shops. This was especially true as COVID closed our campus and forced online learning. While the world was virtual, Lorelle could always be found in person in the Business School office suite, ready to offer a warm smile and helping hand. One of the biggest supporters of the Business School, Lorelle recognizes that the Business School faculty and staff are “a great group of people” deserving of greater recognition because of all that we do.