Marketing Communications

WPI’s Division of Marketing Communications is excited to announce new communications training opportunities for WPI community members. Whether you are a consumer of WPI information or someone who shares it, these sessions can help you better engage with colleagues across campus and beyond. 

We will share insights into:

  • How internal and external communication works, why it matters, and who does what.
  • Explanations of the communication-specific tools and resources that are available and how you can use them to share information effectively. 
  • How and why your active participation will help get your news out quickly.
  • How to find the information you need.

We encourage you to review the training opportunities below and join any that fit your role at WPI.  All sessions will be less than an hour and will be offered via Zoom and/or in person. Please keep an eye on the University calendar for upcoming training sessions beginning in August 2023. 

** Note that Drupal training is self-service. Learn more about Drupal training videos here.

Onboarding/Refresher Training: 

  • For all new faculty and staff, anyone who would benefit from a communications refresher, or those curious about what new tools and resources are available.
  • Describes communications channels and where to find news and information
  • Provides the basics of information sharing at WPI

Communications Training 

  • For members of the community tasked with—or interested in—sharing news and information for their school, division, department, or group.
  • Provides tools, resources, and best practices for promoting events, announcements, news, and more.

Media Training 

  • For all faculty and staff who may interact with or who may be contacted by external media. 
  • Gives a high-level overview on how to work with reporters.
  • Provides insight into developing key messages and talking points for print, radio, and on-camera interviews.

(Note: Per WPI policy, you must work with the Public Relations team when contacted by external media. Email for a quick response.)

Thank you in advance for your partnership in supporting and promoting WPI. Please reach out to us with any questions. 


Diana Fiorentino

Internal Communications Manager


Alison Duffy

Executive Director of Strategic Communications