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We are thrilled to create this hub for marketing enthusiasts to connect, collaborate, and elevate our collective knowledge and expertise on all things marketing. As marketing professors and research scholars, we understand the importance of staying ahead in this dynamic ever-evolving world of business and marketing. Therefore, through this endeavor, our aim is to foster a vibrant exchange of ideas, thoughts, insights, and best practices to bridge the gap between academic theory and industry expertise. At WPI Business School (WBS), we acknowledge and believe that any market offering (tech or non-tech, profit or not-for-profit, product or service, idea or organization) needs a touch of effective marketing to succeed in the market and fulfill the goals for which it was created. Whether you are a product manager, or an entrepreneur, or an R&D specialist, or a product designer, you need to understand your consumer and the marketing and product strategy. That’s where we come in!

The Marketing Mix Team:

  • Prof. Edward Gonsalves
  • Prof. Adrienne Hall-Phillips
  • Prof. Farnoush Reshadi
  • Prof. Purvi Shah

    What to Expect? Every Thursday, you can expect posts from a member of our Marketing Mix team about:
  1. AI in Marketing: Explore the latest trends and innovations in AI that are reshaping the marketing landscape.
  2. Data-Driven Marketing Strategy: Dive deep into the world of data analytics and discover strategies to make informed marketing decisions.
  3. Networking Events: Stay in the loop with upcoming networking events, to connect with like-minded marketers and industry experts.
  4. Course Highlights: Get exclusive insights into cutting-edge marketing courses, ensuring you stay at the forefront of education.
  5. Marketing Guest Speakers: Benefit from the wisdom of guest speakers who bring real-world experiences and expertise to the table.
  6. Alumni Success Stories: Celebrate the achievements of our marketing alumni and draw inspiration from their journeys.
  7. Industry News on Marketing: Stay updated on the latest trends, breakthroughs, and industry news shaping the marketing landscape.
  8. Marketing in Tech Organizations: Explore the intersection of marketing and technology, unraveling opportunities and challenges in tech-driven marketing environments.

    Excited to connect with all of you – our students, our alumni, our industry partners, our academic partners, and the WPI and WBS community – in this space of a shared passion for marketing.