Masque C term show, Significant Other Deadline: January 26th


Humanities & Arts

Masque is accepting video submitted auditions for our C-term production, Significant Other by Joshua Harmon, through January 26th The show will be done completely digitally and presented online March 4th-6th. No acting experience is necessary to audition.

Significant Other is a comedy-drama that centers around a group of young adults in New York, experiencing growing up and out of each other as some of them start getting married. Jordan, surrounded by his close group of girlfriends, struggles to find his significant other as well as the looming alienation that comes with watching those around you find love, without having it yourself. Playwright Joshua Harmon explains the premise as: “How do you make life work for yourself when you feel that you’re not living the life you’re supposed to be living or want to be living? And how do you deal with that when the changes that you need to make are in some ways outside of your control?”

To submit an audition, please use the link here:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to