Thanks to collaboration between the Morgan Teaching and Learning Center and the Technology for Teaching & Learning group in the Academic Technology Center, an all-purpose mid-term course feedback survey, created many years ago by the Student Government Association, has been imported into all C-term Canvas sites as an unpublished survey. The imported survey saves time for instructors, and students will only see the the survey if instructors publish it. 

This action was taken as an initial response to a recommendation from the Mental Health & Well-being Task Force to normalize anonymous mid-term course feedback. Students would like the opportunity to provide information about their learning experience well before the end of the course in case adjustments can be made. This practice is also helpful to increase conversations and connections between students and instructors and to foster early interventions for students who are struggling.

The Morgan Center Canvas site provides an overview of research on this teaching practice, additional survey templates, and advice for responding to feedback. Anyone needing assistance deploying the imported survey can email