Congrats to Miles Nallen ‘19 for being awarded WPI GOLD’s "10 Under 10" award in the category of Career Achievement. 


Miles started his career at Raytheon Technologies and quickly started leading critical projects across the company, like the start-up for an $8.7M clean room. He also was director of the Young Employees Success Network and helped many emerging leaders get access to the resources they needed to succeed. Miles now works for Datavant’s Medical Record Retrieval Team helping patients get the most effective treatment. Congratulations on your achievements!

We caught up with Miles to learn more.

Why is giving back time to WPI and others important?

Giving back time to WPI and others is important because I certainly wouldn't be where I am today and have had the opportunities that I have had without all of the help that I have received from others over the years - especially from WPI alumni. It's important to me to pay it forward and help current WPI students in any way I can, just like alumni did for me when I was in undergrad.

What advice would you give to current students and young alumni?

My advice to current students and young alumni is to dream big, listen to your intuition, and keep an open mind towards whatever opportunities come your way.


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