Multifaceted Teams; All Ideas Welcome

Modern applications in the digital age collect a staggering amount of data, especially time series data. The biggest challenge we face in sifting through this valuable data—having the time, energy, and intellectual power to make sense of it all. Enter WPI researchers.

What started out as two grad students attempting to create a tool that could have serious social impacts, has grown over two years to a fully-staffed research team, consisting of faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students adept at both theoretical and applied research. Rodica Neamtu, a PhD graduate in Computer Science, initially paired up with her colleague Ramoza Ashan, a PhD candidate in Computer Science, and two faculty advisors, Gabor Sarkozy and Elke Rundensteiner, to start a research project at the crossroads of big data analytics and theoretical computer science. Later, two undergrads also joined the team.

According to Rodica, “The tool, which helps researchers explore vast amounts of data, can be used to explore medical, financial, social, economic data… Its versatility makes it so valuable.”

At WPI, project-based learning often encourages graduate students to work in teams with faculty and undergraduates to take a dynamic look at some of the biggest challenges faced by our society. Graduates are able to see the value in working in teams come to fruition, gain skills to work more effectively, and often build powerful networks – even before leaving campus.

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