National Academies Names Robert Hyers to Committee on Biological and Physical Sciences in Space


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Robert Hyers

Robert W. Hyers

The National Academies has named Robert W. Hyers, George I. Alden Professor and head of the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, to the Committee on Biological and Physical Sciences in Space.

The committee is an independent, authoritative forum for identifying and discussing issues in space life and physical sciences with researchers, the federal government, and the public. It also advises the federal government on recommendations from the Decadal Survey on Biological and Physical Sciences Research in Space.  Hyers served on the steering committee for this Decadal Survey.

Hyers joined WPI in 2023, after 20 years at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He previously was president and chief technology officer of Boston Metal and a staff scientist at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center/Electrostatic Levitation Lab. His research focuses on high-temperature materials, condition monitoring and prognosis of structures, and physics-based modeling of materials processing and failure. Hyers is principal scientist and owner of RHA Materials LLC, a company specializing in consultation and contract research on high-temperature materials and materials processing for clients in the aerospace and extractive industries.


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