A new opportunity for WPI students to bolster their understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is coming to WPI. Through AI4ALL, a national program supported by Melinda Gates’ Pivotal Ventures, students will be able to take a series of classes on the ethics of AI, collaborate with industry partners, and gain access to AI4ALL’s alumni network, to pursue internships and jobs. 

Professor of Teaching in Computer Science Rodica Neamtu spearheaded the effort to bring AI4ALL to WPI and will lead the program. AI4ALL seeks to help students become different kinds of leaders, leaders who are not just knowledgeable scientists invested in the work, but also have a deep understanding of the social and ethical implications of their work. The program will run in B and C terms (two programs). An information session will take place on Wednesday August 31 at 1pm in Unity Hall #405.

More information about the program and a link to the applications that are now open can be found at