The Value Creation & Innovation (VC&I) faculty workshops have begun.  On Monday, August 22, the team hosted the first cross-disciplinary workshop where eight WPI faculty members engaged in value creation exercises designed to help deliver value creation into the curriculum for students.

Len Polizzotto, Distinguished Executive in Residence at WPI, facilitated the five-hour workshop where participants worked in groups iterating their value propositions on how to best to teach students how to create value for others.  The workshop includes four follow-up sessions to continue working on their value propositions. The VC&I team will be available for help with additional iterations.

The VC&I team believes these workshops are a big step toward giving WPI students the tools they need as value creators to make an impact in society while working on problems that matter to others.

Here's what some of our faculty attendees had to say about the workshops:

I believe the value creation mindset is what will propel WPI into the next phase of education. I believe the VC mindset will give us a huge competitive advantage over other universities. – Solomon Mensah, Biomedical Engineering


I believe that introducing to students the knowledge and tools of value creation as early as in their freshman year courses will empower and transform all students into innovators with positive impact on our society. – Izabela Stroe, Physics


I think I saw the picture that there is work to distinguish WPI from other schools, and that value creation initiative could be distinguisher. – Ahmet Can Sabuncu, Mechanical Engineering

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