Now soliciting nominations for PLA and TA of the Year Awards

The TA of the Year and PLA of the Year awards serve as a means of recognizing the contributions of excellent graduate Teaching Assistants (TAs) to high quality undergraduate education at WPI, along with the contributions of undergraduate peer learning assistants (PLAs) and similar undergraduate instructional assistants and tutors. Please consider making a nomination. Each award consists of a $500 prize and recognition at a campus-wide event.

All graduate TAs appointed for at least one semester in the last 12 months are eligible for the TA of the Year Award.

All undergraduates employed or appointed to provide academic assistance to peers within the last year are eligible, including Peer Learning Assistants, Senior Tutors, Senior Assistants, Writing Tutors, MASH tutors, Peer Academic Coaches, and similar positions. People who wish to recognize undergraduate students in these teaching positions are asked to nominate them for the PLA Award rather than the Student Employee of the Year awards.

An effective nomination typically consists of letters from faculty or supervisors and from students. Letters should be sent, either individually or as a package, to The Morgan Teaching and Learning Center ( by Friday February 8, 2019.

Thank you for helping WPI recognize our outstanding student teachers.