Data Science

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Sheamus McGovern of Mammad Mahmoodi, in exchange for a little bit of volunteer work, graciously arranged with Elke Rundensteiner for more than twenty Data Science students to attend the Open Data Science Conference at the Boston Convention Center,  free of charge.

Follow this link to see the list of 70 professional speakers and to see the upcoming schedule for the next conference in Boston, September, 2015.

Here are a few of the comments we gleaned from our happy students:

"It is an amazing event! I did enjoy a lot. Thank you very much for the organization and opportunity!" Yan

"It was just amazing to meet so many Data Scientist and Analysts gather under one roof for the first time. It was a wonderful opportunity to grow your contacts and network your way into various specializations within data science. Meeting with World No 1 Kaggle competition winner Owen Zhang made my day. I would definitely suggest we should do this again."

Mohammed Ayub

"Conference was good ... but the best part of it was all  the events were video recorded so in case we miss any of the events then we could look at the videos. The most important part I found about this event is networking, there were some sponsored companies with whom we had a good conversation, also there were folks who came as attendees from various companies were also impressive for having conversation about data science. Overall, it was great, fun and good networking with everyone."

Rakesh Biradar

"Yes it's great. Getting the cutting-edge techs there. Like topics in text analysis, which I'm really interested into. Also a great place for networking. btw the dinner there is pretty good."

Yanpu Li

"I only took this picture because was too busy listening to the speakers." 

Viseth Sean