Peer Learning Assistants Honored at the Student Recognition Awards Ceremony

Three undergraduates were honored at the 2023 Student Recognition Awards ceremony for their efforts and effectiveness as Peer Learning Assistants.

The 2023 Peer Learning Assistant of the Year is Frederick Forrest” Miller, a senior double major in Mathematical Sciences and Data Science. He has served as a PLA in the Mathematical Sciences Department for several years. Numerous faculty, student, and staff nominators emphasize Forrest’s enthusiasm, generosity, kindness, and his ability to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for students seeking help.  He empathizes with students’ struggles and perspectives and provides effective explanations tailored to each student’s learning needs. His mentoring skills and his extraordinary commitment to helping students succeed sets an example for others and has made him a leader among PLAs in the department.

Frederick "Forrest" Miller PLA of the Year

Frederick "Forrest" Miller PLA of the Year

Two others received PLA Achievement Awards.

Andrew Cunningham (ME ‘24) has been a superb PLA in the Recycle the World Great Problems Seminar. His technical expertise, his thoughtful anticipation of all the instructors' and students' needs made him an essential force in our teaching and advising team. 

Andrew Cunningham

Andrew Cunningham PLA Achievement Award Honoree

Alana Lue Chee Lip (BBT ‘23) has been a tremendous PLA in multiple biology courses. What sets Alana apart is her empathy, compassion, and interest in making a change – for students and WPI.

Alana Lue Chee Lip

Alana Lue Chee Lip PLA Achievement Award Honoree

The PLA awards have been presented by the Morgan Teaching and Learning Center annually since 2013, in recognition of the key role of peer assistants in supporting distinctive undergraduate education at WPI.