Two undergraduates were honored at the 2024 Student Recognition Awards Ceremony for their efforts and effectiveness as Peer Learning Assistants.

The 2024 Peer Learning Assistant of the Year is Lauren Abraham, a senior majoring in Biology and Biotechnology. Numerous students, faculty and staff mentioned that Lauren’s love of learning is infectious. Lauren has provided a mechanism to make the environment feel much more personal to the students. She willingly interacts with students during group work, and often facilitates the mechanics of collecting student work and feedback on how the activities are running. Students overwhelmingly agreed that Lauren was a thoughtful and careful instructor and treated them respectfully. She serves as a hub of communication and learning for the enrolled students and the teaching staff.


Lauren Abraham holding PLA of the Year Award

Lauren Abraham PLA of the Year

One other student received a PLA Achievement Award: 

Cassidy Williams (BME/ME ’24) has served as an outstanding contributor to the Physics Department. Her combination of expert understanding of Physics and humility provides a deeper connection with the students she supports.


Cassidy Williams holding PLA Certificate of Achievment

Cassidy Williams PLA Achievement Award Honoree

The PLA awards have been presented by the Morgan Teaching and Learning Center annually since 2013, in recognition of the key role of peer assistants in supporting distinctive undergraduate education at WPI.