The Business School

The Ph.D. program in Business Administration strives to educate men and women to:

  • Lead in careers requiring educational, research and analytical skills
  • Conduct high-quality basic and applied research
  • Partner effectively in research initiatives with School of Business faculty, and as appropriate, with faculty in other departments
  • Disseminate research findings through publication

The Ph.D. in Business Administration (BA) will focus on the development of relevant, interdisciplinary research skills applied to current and future business problems and challenges. Students in each of the Entrepreneurship, Information Technology, and Operations Management concentrations will study the theoretical frameworks of their functional areas with the option of exploring related interdisciplinary areas within the School of Business and among WPI’s other departments. Students will have the opportunity to apply knowledge in various business disciplines in their Ph.D. dissertation work. Students will master basic academic research methodologies appropriate to their respective concentrations, along with applications to current industry trends and issues.

Our Ph.D. students will understand the benefits of advancing knowledge while recognizing the practical application of that knowledge in a technology-charged economy. We will prepare our Ph.D. students for academic careers, research careers and as innovative and entrepreneurial leaders with solid skills in both business and technology for upper-level executive positions in both public and private companies.

The PhD in Business Administration in the WPI Business School is designed in accordance with the university’s mission to create, discover, and convey knowledge, and to prepare students for research work that improves society through the collaborative work of people and organizations.

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