Prof. Yanhua Li and Prof. Jian Zou Invited to 2017 IEEE MIT


Data Science

Professor Yanhua Li

Assistant Professors Yanhua Li  and Jian Zou are two of several dedicated Data Science faculty who spent their summer months working with REU students.

Yanhua and Jian's team consisted of Luke Pelegrin from Michigan Technical University, and Christian Huacón from the City University of New York. Their project focus was 'Urban Data Visualization Systems.'  This topic is something Prof. Li is passionate about and on which his research focuses.   

The team worked tirelessly on their project, and even designed business cards to give visitors at the REU Poster Presentation Day, directing them to the website. 

Luke and Christian are looking forward to seeing Prof. Li and Zou at MIT and to discussing what further developments have been made in 'Urban Data Visualization Systems.'

They're also incredibly proud that their paper will be published in the IEEE Digital Library.

Prof. Jian Zou
Prof. Jian Zou