Professor Alexander Wyglinski Receives New Awards


School of Engineering

Congratulations to WPI Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Alexander Wyglinski for his two recent awards entitled “CMDA Playback” from Screened Images and “Diversity Characterization of Wireless Channels within Challenged Transmission Environments” from MITRE Corporation. Given the latest advances in radio communication systems and deep learning algorithms, these technologies have produced complex and challenging wireless networking environments that require new and innovative solutions in order to ensure safe and secure operations.  This is especially true for applications employing wireless connectivity to form Internet of Things (IoT) networks.  The CDMA Playback project supported by Screened Images focuses on developing a new radio communication system that maintains a controlled wireless environment, which might be susceptible to intelligent and highly adaptive wireless devices.  The Diversity Characterization project supported by the MITRE Corporation explores the complex relationship between intelligent wireless communications systems and radio operating environments.