Professor Andrew Clark Receives Award


School of Engineering

Congratulations to WPI Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Andrew Clark for his University of Washington award, CPS:  TTP Option:  Synergy:  Collaborative Research:  Certifiable, Scalable, and Attack-resilient submodular control framework for smart grid stability.  This project will research and develop scalable, certifiable, and attack-resilient control algorithms for smart grid by identifying and exploiting inherent submodular structures of the physical dynamics.  Submodularity is a diminishing-returns property that enables development of efficient algorithms with provable optimality guarantees.  The focus of this effort will be ensuring (i) voltage stability through injection of reactive power and demand response, (ii) small-signal stability by selecting a set of generators to exert damping control of inter-area oscillations, and (iii) transient stability via controlled islanding.  By identifying and exploiting submodular structures underlying the problems (i)-(iii), we will develop algorithms that eliminate the time-consuming and computationally expensive verification of control actions through simulation.

Please join me in congratulating Professor Clark for this award!