Professor David Medich Receives Grant from U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission


School of Arts & Sciences

David Medich, Associate Professor of Physics, was awarded a grant from the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission entitled "WPI Nuclear Science and Engineering Undergraduate Scholarship Program." Germano Iannacchione, Professor of Physics, and Peter Miraglia, Adjunct Teaching Professor of Mechanical Engineering, are Co-Principal Investigators for the grant.


Under this grant, WPI’s Nuclear Science and Engineering Program (NSE) will support sixteen undergraduate student scholarships over two years (eight students per year). The scholarship program is designed to enhance student professional development in an enriched educational program and to develop a highly talented and competent workforce to support the national objective of reinvigorating the nuclear power industry. It is expected that graduates of the scholarship program will be capable of working in nuclear power-plant design, construction, and operation in addition to radiation regulation, homeland security, dosimetry, and isotope handling.