Professor Jamal Yagoobi receives NASA Award

Congratulations to WPI Mechanical Engineering Professor and Department Head, Jamal Yagoobi for his NASA Headquarter Award entitled, “ Electrically Driven Liquid Film Boiling – A Two-Phase Heat Transport Device Driven by EHD Conduction Pumping Mechanism.”

NASA awards Yagoobi for his upcoming International Space Station (ISS) experiment to investigate the effects of gravity on electro-hydro-dynamically (EHD) driven liquid film flow boiling.  The ultimate goal is to develop EHD driven two-phase heat transport technologies for space applications.  This grant will support the development of the experiment flight hardware for the ISS, support the operation of the experiment on–board the ISS, and evaluate the experimental data.  Collaborating with Yagoobi are NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and Glenn Research Center.