Mechanical & Materials Engineering

Groundbreaking research in a collaborative environment.

WPI’s Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering continues to build upon its 150-year history of innovative undergraduate and graduate engineering education. With the expertise of more than 40 faculty members, our research solves problems that matter to people and the larger society. 

The university's commitment to research contributes to a continuing and substantial growth in research expenditures and graduate student population. Faculty and students work closely to advance WPI’s particular strengths in Advanced Manufacturing, Energy, Advanced Materials, Autonomous Vehicles, Space Exploration, Health and Biotechnology, Sensors and Metrology, Food and Water, and Engineering Education.

Our Academic Programs

Our department offers an ABET-accredited Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering; master of science and PhD options in both Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science & Engineering; and a minor in Mechanical Engineering. An online graduate certificate in Mechanical Engineering for Technical Leaders empowers mechanical engineers with the well-rounded education they need to advance in their field.


Students in WPI’s Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering have many choices for projects and research, including Advanced Manufacturing, Energy, Advanced Materials, Autonomous Vehicles, Space Exploration, Health and Biotechnology, Sensors and Metrology, Food and Water, and Engineering Education.

Our People

Our world-class faculty use their expertise, diverse perspectives, and commitment to innovation and collaboration to teach the next generation of engineers while also leading groundbreaking research to solve the world's most pressing challenges.

Beyond WPI

Whether the final goal is a career path in research or one in industry, the knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience gained at WPI will ensure students have a place in the next phase of mechanical and materials engineering that has a direct, global impact. 

Research Spotlight


Discover how Yihao Zheng, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, is using applied science, engineering, and technology to advance manufacturing in the healthcare industry.

From WPI's alumni magazine

Renewable Energy in the Rockies

A student team conducted a feasibility study of renewable energy at the Estes Park campus in Colorado. 

Field Work in Sustainability

Don Seville ’92 uses systems thinking to improve farming and food.

A Sea Change

Once an aspiring test pilot, Casey Brown ’16 pivots to building ocean-exploring drones.

Student Project: Validating 3D Food Printing for Customizable Nutrition

This project aimed to advance the material science of 3D food printing and integrate it with consumer rating studies through developing a three-layer, nutritional, palatable 3D food printed (3DFP) bar. 

Juggling Competitive Skating With Challenging Academics

Balancing an elite sport while looking for a college is tough, but narrowing your parameters to include an engineering school and a niche sport like synchronized skating? For Tessa Lytle ’23, both specialties had to be on the table. So when she found the academics she wanted at WPI and the competitive skating at the Lexington, Mass.-based Hayden-Synchro School, everything started to fall into place.

Modern Manufacturing Finds a Home

In the high-tech labs of the Advanced Manufacturing Center, WPI researchers are transforming how products are produced, repaired, and recycled.

A Space Dream Realized

Mechanical engineering alumni Ryan McDevitt '03 and Matt Shea '03 grow a satellite propulsion business from seeds planted 20 years ago.


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Meet Our Students

Gabriel Espinosa ‘24
BS in Mechanical Engineering

Gabriel works to pursue his passion for sustainability and engineering through WPI’s clubs and hands-on learning experiences. [...]

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Edward Flanagan ‘24
BS, Mechanical Engineering

For ROTC student Eddie, teamwork and interacting with a variety of people have made him a better student and athlete.  [...]

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Luka Christianson ‘24
BS, Mechanical Engineering

Luka’s dedication to his studies, ROTC, and athletics has helped him develop his leadership and teamwork skills, both on and off the field[...]

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Tessa Lytle '23
BS/MS Mechanical Engineering

Tessa’s college career, both on and off the skating rink, has provided her many opportunities to get involved and make an impact. [...]

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