Professor Marsha Rolle Receives Award


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Professor Rolle
Professor Marsha Rolle

Department of Biomedical Engineering


Congratulations to WPI Biomedical Engineering Professor Marsha Rolle for her award entitled “Modular Engineering of a self assembled, multi-tissue living tracheal replacement.”  The project leverages tissue engineering technology developed in the Rolle Lab (co-PI) with microsphere-mediated growth factor delivery technology developed in Dr. Eben Alsberg’s lab (PI) at Case Western Reserve University. These systems will be applied to create modular tissue ring units of cartilage and connective tissue assembled into living tracheal replacements to treat critical airway defects.  Case Western Reserve University is the lead institution on this multi-disciplinary NIH R01 award, which includes collaborators in respiratory biology and medicine at CWRU and the Lerner Research Institute at the Cleveland Clinic.