Professor Songbai Ji Awarded Two Grants to Study Concussion


Biomedical Engineering

Congratulations to WPI Biomedical Engineering Professor Songbai Ji for his two grant announcements.


He received a 3-year, unrestricted grant from the Ford University Research Program (URP).


This project will develop a model response-based brain injury metric based on the Worcester Head Injury Model (right) for safety countermeasures suitable for future autonomous driving conditions. Dr. Ji (PI) and his team will collaborate with Dr. Jesse Ruan at the Ford Company to extend techniques originally developed in the context for contact sports head injury for applications in automotive crashes.



 Professor Songbai also received an award entitled “Image based registration and intraoperative updating for guiding spine surgery.”  This 4-year NIH R01 award will leverage advanced patient registration technology developed in the Ji Lab (co-PI) to facilitate surgical image guidance for animal and human spine surgeries conducted at the Center for Surgical Innovation at Dartmouth College, led by Drs. Keith Paulsen and Sohail Mirza (PIs). Figure on the left illustrates how two  image modalities of the spine, before and during the surgery, align.