Project Advising 101 is an interactive workshop that introduces early career faculty in all departments to practical tools and strategies for successful advising of MQPs and IQPs.  It is hosted and delivered annually by the Morgan Teaching and Learning Center, Center for Project-Based Learning, and Global School. This year’s offering will be entirely in-person on August 17-18 from 2-5pm each day, with follow-up gatherings in A-C terms as projects progress. This program is designed primarily for faculty starting their second year or more at WPI and others with little or no project advising experience. WPI strongly recommends participation in this workshop before faculty advise an MQP or IQP alone for the first time. In August, participants will: 1) be introduced to a framework of principles and practices that will be useful for their development as project advisors; 2) lay the groundwork for project startup with a syllabus and team development activities; 3) connect with people and resources that support project advisors and students.

If you plan to attend, please register here at your earliest convenience so that we can tailor remaining decisions to the workshop participants.