Recent 25Live Changes and Updates


Events Office

25Live is currently open to requests for all spaces through December 22, 2022.

Recent changes:
- Event request submission email: Requesters will now get an automatic email confirming submission of your request and noting your event reference number. This is not a confirmation of your event, only noting that your submission was successful.
- Major Event Space request window: Alden Hall Great Hall, Higgins House Great Hall, and the Campus Center Odeum need to be requested at least ten (10) days in advance because these spaces require more time for staffing and resource coordination. This applies to both staff/faculty and students.
- Blackout request form: A new intake form has been created for requests on blackout days. These requests are still subject to approval by the Events Office and, if approved, will be for the location only. No resources or additional support will be available.
- Student Org Access: Access has been reset for the upcoming academic year. Information with the new training videos and quiz link will be going out later this month.

Please email with any questions.