Register Now: Strategic Mid-Career Planning for Associate Professors and their Mentoring Teams


Office of the Provost

Wednesday, September 08, 2021 from 9:00 am to 11:00 am

Rubin Campus Center, Hagglund Room

This is the annual convening of Associate Professors and their mentoring teams. By faculty vote in October 2018, we collectively decided that Associate Professors, whether tenured, teaching-track, or research-track, would be encouraged to establish a mentoring team to foster continuing professional development and promotion in academic rank. With the support of our ADVANCE grant, for the second year we are hosting a program at the start of the fall semester to jump start mentoring conversations and foster a strategic approach to mid-career planning. Here’s what we’re planning for this year’s program:

  • Strategic use of professional development plans as a focus for mentoring and career advancement. Associate Professors (APs) share ideas for long-term vision and 1-year goals with their mentoring team. Discussion of planning ahead to show impact for different types of scholarship and leadership.
  • Biases in mentoring relationships. How can these relationships be mutually beneficial for the learning and development of all parties, when everyone may have different goals, interests, and types of expertise? We’ll invite APs and their mentoring teams to complete some modules on bias awareness prior to the program. During the program we’ll discuss a case study together.

If you plan to attend, please register here AND be sure to forward this message to members of your mentoring team so that they can register too.


  • I and some mentoring team members came to last year’s program. Should I attend again? Yes! We’re designing the program to be helpful to both returning and new participants. This is an important opportunity to reconnect with your mentors and discuss goals and plans for the coming year.
  • I don’t yet have a mentoring team. Can I still attend? In order for the September program to be useful, we ask that you identify at least one mentor to attend with you. More information and guidance on recruiting a mentoring team and programming and resources for Associate Professors and their mentors can be found on our ADVANCE Canvas site. Our annual cycle of programming for newly or recently promoted Associate Professors begins with a January workshop that focuses on professional development plans and selection of a mentoring team. Thus, you could decide to wait to attend the January program.