Salisbury Prize Winners 2021


Undergraduate Studies

WPI is pleased to announce the winners of this year’s prestigious Salisbury Prize. WPI’s oldest award honors graduating seniors who have made truly exceptional contributions inside and outside of WPI. Less than 3% of the graduating class ultimately receives this highly competitive award. Not only must a student have a perfect academic record, but they must also have taken on an extraordinarily challenging academic course load or degree path. These students must also demonstrate leadership roles at WPI and represent the school at notable off-campus venues.  

Following a nomination from their advisor, candidates are chosen by the faculty in their academic major department. To be considered, students must be enrolled at WPI for at least two years and have earned an A grade in their Humanities and Arts Seminar or Practicum, IQP, and MQP. Nominees are presented to the academic department chair who then submits the name(s), with a brief supporting statement, to the selection committee. This committee consists of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, and other faculty representatives.

This year’s honorees are:

Matthew J.  Adiletta, 2021, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Jacob  Ciolfi, 2021, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Brooke E.  Dawson, 2021, Mechanical Engineering

Rebecca C.  Debski, 2021, Aerospace Engineering

Enzo  Giglio de Azevedo, 2021, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Sarah R.  Huber, 2021, Biology and Biotechnology

Katherine  Hudek, 2021, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Matthew R.  Iaconis, 2021, Management Information Systems

Lauren A.  Kaija, 2021, Environmental Engineering

Nicholas J.  Krichevsky, 2021, Computer Science

Kyle R.  Lang, 2021, Mechanical Engineering

Olivia L.  Lattanzi, 2021, Humanities & Arts

Sabrina T.  Liu, 2021, Robotics Engineering

Emma E.  Lowry, 2021, Interactive Media & Game Development

Jake A.  Marko, 2021, Biomedical Engineering

Jocelyn L.  Mendes, 2021, Chemistry

Sydney E.  Messey, 2021, Aerospace Engineering

Kalani M.  Picho, 2021, Mechanical Engineering

Coulter Q.  Ralston, 2021, Biomedical Engineering

Matthew P.  Rando, 2021, Chemical Engineering

Andrew  Ressler, 2021, Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

Danielle B.  Rubin, 2021, Actuarial Mathematics

Hannah K.  Schulz, 2021, Civil Engineering

Connor J.  Skinner, 2021, Biochemistry

Kamryn P.  Spinelli, 2021, Mathematical Sciences

Allison E.  Steeves, 2021, Professional Writing

Samantha L.  Wile, 2021, Architectural Engineering