Salisbury Prize

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The Salisbury Prizes are awarded to highly meritorious members of the WPI graduating class who have faithfully, industriously, and with distinguished attainment completed all requirements for the Bachelor degree.

Advisors submit nominations to their department head or program director for candidate consideration. The following describes the criteria and selection process:

  • Residency Requirement: Candidates must have been enrolled at WPI for at least two years or eight seven-week terms. Participation in approved exchange programs will be considered attendance at WPI.

  • Selection Procedure:

    • The faculty in each department or program should take the responsibility of selecting from among its majors any seniors who appear to be eligible for consideration. The Salisbury Prize requires that students must have received an A grade for the Humanities and Arts Seminar or Practicum, Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP), and Major Qualifying Project (MQP)-if completed.  The award is open to members of the current graduating Class, regardless of their graduation date.  

    • The members of the faculty of the various degree programs shall normally select one nominee for their respective program. In special circumstances, more than one nominee may be appropriate. A department or program need not submit a nomination if it feels none is warranted.  

    • Nominations are to be submitted by the appropriate department head or program director and should include a brief supporting statement summarizing the qualifications of the nominee. Nominations will be accepted online. The deadline to submit nominations is Wednesday, April 3, 2019.

    • The committee shall select approximately 15 nominees as the most deserving recipients of the prizes.

The selection committee includes the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, plus one additional faculty representative. 

Browse Salisbury Prize awardees

Year Recipient Award level Type Department(s)
2019 Aylin L. Padir Winner Undergraduate Chemistry & Biochemistry
2019 Dylan R. Felty Winner Undergraduate Civil & Environmental Engineering
2019 Erik Fyrer Winner Undergraduate Foisie Business School
2019 Erin M. Morissette Winner Undergraduate Physics
2019 Gabriela Morales Castillo Winner Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering
2019 Haylea T. Northcott Winner Undergraduate Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, Biology & Biotechnology
2019 Jacquelyn Y. Roberge Winner Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering
2019 Jessica R. Locke Winner Undergraduate Environmental Engineering
2019 Kyle L. Richards Winner Undergraduate Computer Science
2019 Nathaniel S. Dennler Winner Undergraduate Computer Science, Robotics Engineering
2019 Nicol F. Garcia Andrade Winner Undergraduate Foisie Business School, Industrial Engineering
2019 Olivia M. Leavitt Winner Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering
2019 Rosanna S. Heidt Winner Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
2019 Ryan E. Darnley Winner Undergraduate Electrical & Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
2019 Ryan J. Herrmann Winner Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering
2019 Samantha Randall Winner Undergraduate Biology & Biotechnology
2019 Shion Matsumoto Winner Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
2019 Thomas V. Ralph Winner Undergraduate Electrical & Computer Engineering, International & Global Studies
2019 Toni J. Joy Winner Undergraduate Industrial Engineering
2019 Trung T. Tran Trong Winner Undergraduate Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
2019 Vincent C. Miller Winner Undergraduate Interactive Media & Game Development
2019 Zayla D. Schaeffer Winner Undergraduate Chemical Engineering
2018 Alex Hebert Undergraduate Interactive Media & Game Development
2018 Brandon Clark Undergraduate Chemical Engineering
2018 Charles Lovering Undergraduate Computer Science
2018 Cierra Ford Undergraduate Civil & Environmental Engineering
2018 Cole Jeznach Undergraduate Mathematical Sciences
2018 Emma MacIntyre Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering
2018 Hans Johnson Undergraduate Robotics Engineering
2018 Javier Lawes Undergraduate Industrial Engineering
2018 Jordan Burklund Undergraduate Robotics Engineering
2018 Katherine Pelissari Undergraduate Environmental & Sustainability Studies
2018 Leah Morales Undergraduate Architectural Engineering
2018 Megan Errichetti Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering
2018 Megan Hoppe Undergraduate Biology & Biotechnology
2018 Patrick Bresnahan Undergraduate Chemistry & Biochemistry
2018 Patrick Fitzgerald Undergraduate Physics
2018 Rachael Lanni Undergraduate Foisie Business School
2018 Rachel Santarsiero Undergraduate Professional Writing
2018 Ryan Cooney Undergraduate Electrical & Computer Engineering
2018 Stephanie Cappelli Undergraduate Environmental Engineering
2018 Swarnadeep Majumder Undergraduate Physics
2018 Thomas Leonard Undergraduate Mathematical Sciences
2018 Tyler McNeill Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering
2018 Virginia Nunez Undergraduate Bioinformatics & Computational Biology
2017 Alison Paquin Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering
2017 Anna C Franciosa Undergraduate Environmental Engineering
2017 Bernat Navarro-Serer Undergraduate Chemistry & Biochemistry
2017 Bryce C Kaw-Uh Undergraduate International & Global Studies
2017 Caitlin Sara Burner Undergraduate Civil & Environmental Engineering