Scams: Tax, Financial Aid, and Romance - SECURE IT February 2024

This month's Information Security SECURE IT newsletter focuses on Tax, Financial Aid, and Romance Scams. Learn about common IRS scams, how to protect your identity while applying for financial aid, watch videos, and more! Thanks to Jessica Sabourin for partnering with us to provide tips for FAFSA and student loans.

In this issue:

  • Tax Scams
  • Financial Aid 
  • Learning with Laughter
  • Meet Jessica Sabourin!
  • Valentine Specials for Your Devices, Zoom Meetings, & Romance Scams
  • Featured Videos
  • Financial Aid and Tax Scam News & Statistics
  • Diversity in Cybersecurity
  • Coming Next Month...

Will Ferrell dressed as Buddy the Elf. The background is slightly out of focus and has a bunch of white Christmas decorations and strings of little white lights. Text says, "Us to scammers: You sit on a throne of lies."