Search for new leadership of TA and PLA Development

The Morgan Teaching and Learning Center is beginning a search for new leadership of TA and PLA Development. This position could be filled either by an individual faculty member or a small set of people. We are envisioning this role as a professional learning and career development opportunity with a defined span of 3 years (renewable) rather than an unbounded position. In parallel with their delivery of training workshops beginning in AY 2019-20, the new Associate Director(s) will be supported to pursue a small project related to TAs or PLAs, the outcomes of which would add to our institutional knowledge or practice and be disseminated externally. The work of the Associate Director(s) will be supported by some combination of professional development funds, summer compensation, and/or course release.

We will use a staged process to select the new Associate Director(s). For the first stage we are simply soliciting interest. If you are potentially interested, please contact Chrys Demetry ( no later than February 5, indicating any conditions of your interest (e.g., preference for solo or group leadership). Deans Terri Camesano and Art Heinricher, Natalie Farny, and Chrys Demetry are happy to talk with anyone about the position.