Staff Council

Dear Staff, 


We are proud to announce that the Staff Council Constitution and Bylaws have been approved and ratified by WPI leadership and now by our fellow staff members! We are excited to have this framework in place to help the Council to work effectively to support our staff community.  


We are also excited to share that the Executive Committee members have been elected and will provide leadership in their respective roles as we continue our work together. 


Executive Committee

Theona K. Scola, Chairperson

Bill Battelle, Vice Chairperson

Caitlin Keller, Secretary

Roxanne Gardner, Communication and Public Relations Officer

Diane Dubois, Treasurer


The Staff Council’s current priorities include facilitating elections for the remaining members and the creation of a web-based intake form to help collect staff feedback.  Additionally, the Staff Council has delegated members for representation on governing committees and integrated members across numerous campus working and advisory groups.  


In May, we will begin the election process to select the remaining nine members of the Staff Council. This process will begin with a nomination period in which staff members can self-nominate or nominate a peer. All peer-nominated candidates will have the ability to accept or decline the opportunity to run for election. In June, there will be a voting period in which community members will participate in selecting the remaining Staff Council members. Full Council meetings will begin in August.

Stay tuned for election details and feel free to contact the Council with any questions at  


Thank you again for your continued support! 


Staff Council

Bill Battelle, Diane Dubois, Caitlin Keller, Roxanne Gardner, Kim Hollan, Sarah Miles, Jennifer Cluett, Amy Curran and Theona Scola