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The WPI Staff Council is the voice of the employees at the university. Members are elected by their peers to advocate for and act as a collective voice for the interests and needs of WPI’s non-union staff. Having a staff council helps foster a positive and inclusive environment at WPI and offers an informed support and resource for staff members.

Through programs, resource sharing, and communication, the Staff Council will represent a diverse range of staff while working for the improvement of the campus community. As a platform to foster open communication, it will serve in an important advisory role on matters of interest and concern while supporting WPI's mission, values, and strategic goals. 

WPI’s inaugural Staff Council will form the foundation of the work to be done in the future with immediate goals, including establishing a constitution and bylaws to outline the proposed structure and operation of the council.

Future council responsibilities include but are not limited to ...

·       championing staff success

·       assisting with evaluating policies and procedures affecting staff

·       developing plans for staff recognition and celebrations

·       acting as a resource for staff questions

·       advocating for staff concerns

Welcome to WPI's Inaugural Staff Council Members

The first-ever nominations and elections for Staff Council took place in summer 2022 and the winners are below. The next election for nine additional Staff Council members (eight elected and one appointed) will take place in spring 2023.

Starting Smaller, Expanding Later

For the inaugural year, nine staff members (eight elected members and one appointed by T&I) will start their tenure in August of 2022; those tenures will end on June 30, 2024. In the Spring of 2023, nine additional staff members will be added to the Staff Council (eight elected members and one appointed by T&I). The T&I appointee will ensure as much diversity as possible for the Staff Council.

An annual election process (while keeping half of the Staff Council intact) will ensure the flow of continuity from year to year and will allow for rotating participation in the Staff Council moving forward. Staff Council member terms expire on June 30 of the second year of service.


August 09, 2022
Division of Talent & Inclusion
July 19, 2022
Division of Talent & Inclusion
July 15, 2022
Division of Talent & Inclusion
June 08, 2022
Division of Talent & Inclusion
May 12, 2022
Division of Talent & Inclusion
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Who is eligible to join the Staff Council?

·       Any full-time staff employee (with exceptions noted below) is eligible for consideration for Staff Council elections. All perspectives are welcome and necessary to have an effective council.

·       Union members, faculty, part-time employees, employees in probation or in a new-employee introductory period, and members of the President’s Leadership Team (TLT) are not eligible to vote or to serve on the Staff Council.

What is the time commitment for the Staff Council members?

Staff Council terms are for two years and will involve monthly council meetings. Subcommittees will meet on an as-needed basis and will report at each monthly council meeting.

The Staff Council co-chairs will meet monthly with T&I leadership and may meet with the president up to once a term, as well as with guests from the Management Council, as deemed appropriate.

Service on the Staff Council is considered a part of the staff member’s workload; therefore, it is not additive to the responsibilities of the staff member’s work

Staff Council FAQs

  • How big is the WPI Staff Council?


    The current plan is for it to be composed of 18 staff members across the institution—although the initial election will designate eight members and one appointed member. Sixteen (16) of these members would be elected by the community. To ensure diverse representation on the Staff Council, two additional members will be appointed by T&I leadership.

    Last updated: June 23, 2022
  • How long do Staff Council members serve?

    The initial proposed structure is for terms within the Staff Council to be two-year appointments. Individuals will be able to serve for two terms (four years in total, consecutive or with breaks in between terms) before a break of four years. After the four years have passed, individuals will be eligible to run for the Staff Council again. Once constituted, however, the Staff Council reserves the right to change these terms. Elections will happen every spring.

    Last updated: June 23, 2022
  • How will the WPI Staff Council represent the staff?

    The eight elected Staff Council members will broadly represent the functional differences of the work areas across the community. The members appointed by T&I will help ensure even greater diversity within the council.

    Last updated: June 23, 2022
  • How will the WPI Staff Council be organized?

    The Staff Council will be led by co-chairs, a treasurer, and a secretary. Each member will oversee an internal committee. These committees may include, but are not limited to:  

    ·     Talent & Inclusion: Policies and Equity 

    ·     Community Engagement: Town Halls, Tabling, and Small Milestone Celebrations 

    ·     Professional Development and Training 

    ·     University Issues and Policies 

    Last updated: June 23, 2022
  • What will Staff Council members do?

    The Staff Council will work with senior leadership in Talent & Inclusion and will also collaborate with several groups or committees on campus led by T&I (e.g., the Fringe Benefits Committee). In the Administrative Policy Group, the Staff Council will be represented by two of its members. The two co-chairs will serve in the Joint Coordinating Council and at Board of Trustees meetings, as deemed appropriate. As topics relevant to their areas of oversight/responsibility arise, the Staff Council may also maintain a regular cadence of meetings with the president and other campus senior leaders.

    Last updated: June 23, 2022
  • What if I am nominated and prefer not to join the Staff Council?

    Working with the Staff Council is entirely voluntary. If you are nominated, you are free to decline consideration.

    Last updated: June 23, 2022
  • Why should I consider serving on the Staff Council?

    Serving on the Staff Council has professional and personal benefits. Members will develop leadership, organization, and communication skills while collaborating with colleagues from various divisions, departments, and offices. As the council progresses, members will learn about the important issues affecting the university and its employees and help make recommendations for specific improvements. As they become advocates for WPI staff, they'll help drive change in areas important to the employee experience at WPI.

    Last updated: June 23, 2022
  • How can I stay informed and engaged with Staff Council initiatives even if I don’t serve?

    The Staff Council will have a webpage and regular correspondence to reach staff constituents. Through the website and other communication avenues, the Staff Council will effectively collect and disseminate important information, document and publish meeting minutes, and increase awareness of initiatives.

    Last updated: June 23, 2022
  • Who is not able to serve on the Staff Council?

    There are a few set parameters to ensure the success of the Staff Council and to be sure the university meets its priority to have well-represented and inclusive participation in the selection and appointment process. To help promote equal representation and encourage broader perspectives and input, union members (as they have voting rights or representation by means of another university group), part-time employees, employees in probation or in a new-employee introductory period, faculty, and members of the President’s Leadership Team (TLT) are not eligible to vote or to serve on the Staff Council. The decision was made after comparison with staff councils at peer universities and consideration of WPI’s organizational structure.

    Last updated: July 29, 2022

Have questions about the new Staff Council?

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