STEM Education Center


Grade 6 • Quangle Wangle’s Hat lesson in a classroom

The STEM Education Center was awarded over $41K by the Massachusetts STEM Advisory Council to grow and expand the I am STEM - STEM I am Lesson Library. The Library currently holds 28 problem-solving lessons for students in grades PreK-7. In each lesson, students are introduced to a problem in a story and work over 5 lesson periods to design solutions to the given problem. Lessons are aligned with Massachusetts standards for language, science, and math. In addition to the new lessons, the STEM Education Center provided 6 professional development sessions, introducing teachers to the design process and different lessons for Massachusetts STEM Week and beyond. Since its inception in 2020, hundreds of educators have attended training sessions for I am STEM and implemented lessons with their students. Over the past year alone, the library has generated over 16,000 views by educators from around the world.

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