Dr. Mimi Sheller is participating in a new global research network on Climate-Induced Displacement awarded funding from SSHRC (Canada)


The Global School

Dean of The Global School, Mimi Sheller, along with her colleagues from Barcelona, Boston, Chennai, Karachi, Melbourne, and Toronto are pleased to announce their Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Connections grant to establish a global research network on climate-induced displacement, resettlement, adaptation, and resilience for cities.  A concern world-wide, this research partnership will connect a team of international academic and practitioners to conduct initial case and pilot studies, along with literature review, enabling the establishment of a series of workshops, partnerships, protocols and activities dedicated to addressing the global challenges of climate displacement.  

This partnership will benefit from WPI’s growing body of work in climate, sustainability, and adaptation, including the Master’s in Community and Climate Adaptation and IQP research by students at many of our Global Project Centers. Led by colleagues at the University of Toronto School of Cities (SofC) and the Boston University Initiative on Cities (IoC), the network partners come from geography, economics, sociology, urban planning, computer science, social work, health political science, engineering, real estate, and environmental studies, as well as several major NGOs engaged in refugee rights with a climate lens.