Technology Equipment Prep for July 17 Power Outage

Information Technology (IT), working in conjunction with Facilities, would like to inform you of data and technology needs for the July 17th scheduled electrical shutdown.

Action Needed:

  • Access Data: If you need access to your data during the outage, terminal services are available.
  • Prepare Equipment to Prevent Damage: Individuals who are working on campus will need to unplug equipment prior to the outage, and reconnect that equipment after. IT will unplug equipment in computer labs, classrooms, and conference rooms, including A/V equipment. IT will reconnect this equipment after the outage.

If you are aware of other equipment that needs to be unplugged, you are welcome to email the IT Service Desk at with as many details as possible.  Please direct other inquiries about the outage to Facilities.


Complete details and updates, including buildings that will lose power and network, are online at: