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Tsinghua PhD Student Presents Research Work at ESSCI Combustion Conference with Prof. Rangwala

March 4, 2018

Tsinghua University PhD student, Cong Li, participated in the ESSCI Spring Technical Meeting at Penn State on March 4-7, 2018.
Cong Li’s research focused on the formation of “ring fires” when a pool fire is bounded by a cold wall.  Some preliminary phenomena of m-Xylene pool fire experiments were observed and analyzed.  
Cong Li came to WPI in Oct., 2017 and has spent six months working in Prof. Rangwala’s lab developing this project.  This represents the first joint publication on fire between Tsinghua and WPI.  It was accepted for presentation at the ESSCI and was well-received by the audience of combustion researchers when presented by Cong Li.  His stay has been extended for an additional month to write a journal paper on his work.  This will open the door to further collaborations between the two universities and particularly between Cong Li’s supervisor at Tsinghui, Prof. Rui Yang, and his academic advisor at WPI, Prof. Ali Rangwala.  

Cong Li Demonstrating Ring Fires
Cong Li on computer while observing ring fire
Up close image of ring fire
Discussing Ring Fire
Cong Li Discussing Ring Fire
Cong Li Analyzing Data on the Computer
Cong Li testing ring temperature
Ring Fire
Cong Li with colleagues
Cong Li with colleague
Cong Li igniting ring fire
Cong Li Ring Fire
Cong Li looking at ring fire remnants
Ring Fire Remnants
Cong Li