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International collaboration addressing global health and safety issues to increase the resilience of communities worldwide.

Working in collaboration with The Global School at WPI, the Center for Global Public Safety is an inter-disciplinary research and innovation initiative that brings together industry leaders and universities from around the world to lead an integrated effort to improve global public safety. Academic and industry partnerships are developing solutions to local/global problems while advancing essential technology for the development of smart and safe communities worldwide. To learn more, download a brochure on the Center. 

Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, is lauded as an elite global institution for engineering and research.  This makes it an ideal partner for WPI in launching the Center for Global Public Safety.  In addition, they share a common history through Yi Chi Mei, the 1931 President of Tsinghua University and founder of the College of Engineering at Tsinghua, who graduated from WPI in 1914.

Upcoming Industry Forum on April 1st

Join us for the Center for Global Public Safety annual Industry Forum event with a focus on COVID-19 Pandemic Response and Readiness.

Abstract imagery denoting the center's five main focus areas.

What is the Center for Global Public Safety?

Launched in 2016, the Center for Global Public Safety is a joint research effort using technology and innovation to address natural and man-made public safety threats worldwide. The center will focus on solving local and global problems that deliver impact in five main focus areas:


Laurie Leshin
In the face of global challenges related to public safety, we need to cooperate across national boundaries to find solutions.
Laurie Leshin
President, WPI


April 09, 2021
Center for Global Public Safety
August 18, 2020
Center for Global Public Safety

Media Coverage

Earther-Gizmodo published an article about Albert Simeoni, professor and interim fire protection engineering department head, and the work being done at WPI to better understand wildfires and their impact on communities.

WCVB-TV Boston featured Albert Simeoni, professor, fire protection engineering, discussing WPI’s latest wildfire/wind tunnel technology, designed to help fire scientists to learn more about how wildfires burn in different environments, a blaze’s intensity, and what firefighters and urban housing developments face.