Annual Giving

Today, WPI is hosting a Day of Giving in support of President Grace Wang's vision for the future. Continue reading to learn about the day and how you can support the campaign. 

On the heels of President Grace Wang’s inauguration, your gift to WPI’s Areas of Greatest Need can do even more, fueling her vision for elevating WPI.  

President Wang is so committed to carrying out her vision, she’s offering a special opportunity for supporters: President Wang will match your gift to WPI’s Areas of Greatest Need dollar for dollar, providing up to $10,000.

Here’s how your gift to WPI’s Areas of Greatest Need will fuel her vision:

  • President Wang’s first area of focus is a transformative STEM Education. Your gift can enhance current academic programs and allow WPI to develop new ones—such as our new program in AI—preparing our students for the careers of the future. Your gift can provide students with cutting-edge tools and technologies and state-of-the-art facilities to fuel innovation and discovery. And it ensures all of our deserving students can access these opportunities through scholarship support. 
  • Her second focus area is research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Your gift to WPI’s Areas of Greatest Need funds faculty development and research initiatives, fueling impact driven work that makes a difference and improves lives. 
  • Finally, President Wang is committed to an immersive campus experience that values well-being, belonging, and community. Your gift to WPI’s Areas of Greatest Need provides students with the support and resources to engage with the tremendous opportunities WPI offers, allowing them to succeed and thrive at WPI and beyond. As one example, your gift can provide emergency assistance when students face unforeseen challenges, a critical safety net and meaningful support.

Truly, you are an important partner for WPI and for President Wang. Double your impact and be a part of this exciting new chapter for your alma mater.